People Waste Nearly a Pound of Food Daily – New ROAR Study Receives National Media Attention

A new study authored by USDA, UVM, and UNH researchers, “Relationship Between Food Waste, Diet Quality, and Environmental Sustainability“, was recently published in PLoS ONE. The study’s UVM co-authors are ROAR co-founders and Gund Fellows or Affiliates: Meredith Niles (Nutrition and Food Sciences), Eric Roy (Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources) and Deb Neher (Plant and Soil Science). Click links below to read the full press release and media coverage.

Gund Institute for Environment Press Release
The staggering environmental footprint of all the food that we just throw in the trash (Washington Post)
Americans waste nearly a pound of food each per day, study finds (CBS News)
Americans waste 150,000 tons of food every day—that’s a pound per person (Newsweek)

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